Livin’ in the (Craft) Projects

I elected to forgo house cleaning for the weekend to get some projects finished instead.  My house is sticky and filthy…..but I won’t be throwing my weekly hissy fit about it until later.  I am forcing myself to ignore it so I can enjoy myself for once.

Saturday morning I got up extra early (ok…..8 am.  But to be fair I had stayed awake until 2:30 the previous night) to take delivery of a big bale of hay from the nicest people ever.  Then I returned to a nice quiet kitchen (older girls were in their bedrooms, Oona and Paul were still asleep) brewed a cup of coffee and made sour cream pancakes from the Pioneer Woman Cookbook. I added some blueberries and they were quite yummy.  I even had some time to listen to some Norah Jones and Paul Simon on my iPod before everyone came down to eat. All Saturdays should start off like that.  And end like this:

I finished one of my WIPs from Alabama Chanin (all of her stuff makes me drool……..I want to make every single project in many different colorways and I challenge you to not want to go right out and buy 800 lbs of cotton jersey once you look at her site).   This skirt is from the first book, The Alabama Stitch Book. The under fabric is pink and the top fabric I dyed to be a light grey.  The contrast stitching is in a cream color.

I am very pleased with how it turned out.  It fits perfectly. Plus being that it is made of pure cotton jersey, it is also quite comfortable.  Once it was complete I decided that instead of working on the chiffon tutus I have planned for the girls (for Neve’s birthday next week) or the Noro Silk Scarf or Oona’s sweater I wanted to start right in on another Alabama project, this one a tank top  from the second book, Alabama Studio Style. So far I am enjoying it immensely, and here is a sneak peak at it:

Relief appliques.  Am totally in love.  The only snag is that I need some light brown embroidery floss to edge the painted – on stencil bits that don’t get appliqued.  I swear I have every other color of it known to man. But not brown.  Do I drive half an hour and battle Charlottesville traffic to get some more or do I work on other things today instead?  Dilemmas, dilemmas.

P.S. We are up to 4 baby chickens that have now hatched.  Six eggs left.

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