Summer Food

We’re at the height of summer food enjoyment this weekend.   For two of these I can thank Susie – she pointed them out over on her blog.

The first one I made this week- Stained Glass Jell-o.

It was marvelous and easy.  Try it here.

Then last night I tried another of Susie’s suggestions : Slow Roasted Tomatoes.  Or, as Maddie and I prefer to call them, Slomatoes.

Holy.  Good. Lord.

They were so incredible I died.  The End.

I put them over some penne with fresh pesto and it was heavenly.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Paul went out and bought some tomatoes in bulk for this.  I didn’t get any pictures because I needed to eat them.  Maybe next time!

Next up, deviled eggs.

I like to mix my hard – boiled yolks with fresh mayonnaise (yes, I make my own mayo), a little bit of dijon mustard, some poultry seasoning, a splash of sugar, a splash of salt, and a generous bit of dried dill.  Emily likes it when I sprinkle the finished eggs with a little paprika.  Then you can serve these with some lovely pan – fried chicken.

I mostly followed the recipe in the Pioneer Woman Cookbook, but instead of frying them in oil, I fried them in melted butter-flavored crisco in a cast iron skillet before the whole oven finishing. Divine!!!!! Completely fat – free and fiber – full and healthy!!!!


Oh well.

And since we”re on the subject of totally healthy, you can finish off your meal with my easy Ambrosia Salad.

I can’t guarantee you’ll win any gourmet cooking contests with this, but the kids love it.

Just mix up some canned or fresh crushed pineapple, some mandarin oranges, maraschino cherries, sweetened flake coconut, mini marshmallows, cubed apples, and vanilla Greek yogurt.  The quantities all depend on your preferences.

Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go figure out why my butt’s gotten so big.

Happy weekend!

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