School Days

We’ve had a busy week! A mommy- daughter book club meeting Monday afternoon followed by our first day of school (at home!) on Tuesday and my birthday yesterday.

For our book club we were supposed to read Ann of Green Gables. Despite the fact that we had most of the summer (we skipped a meeting in July) we never got around to it.  I blame too much summer fun and pool time.  Instead the girls and I stayed up Saturday night and watched the movie.  It’s always been one of my favorites so I was very happy to finally share it with them.  They’re even asking for me to get the sequel!!!

On Tuesday we finally started home school!  I have been anxious about this all summer so I was ready to jump in and see how it was going to go.  You know what??  WHY on earth did we not do this sooner?  It’s been great.  I know it’s only been two days, but.  The girls are excited about their lessons (we’ll see how long that lasts!), the text books are set up so incredibly well that even I can teach math – and understand it!!!!  Oona tends to float in and out of our classroom space, but when she’s “in” she has been enjoying coloring and tracing shapes and playing with flashcards with me.

I am glad I chose such a well – structured curriculum; I never feel at a loss for what to do next or how to instruct, and we have a definite sense of accomplishment at the end of each lesson.  We’ve even been finishing up right around lunch time each day; sometimes later depending on how much reading I have them do.  We get to sleep in a bit later than if we had to catch a bus, and we can make after – lunch trips to the library anytime we want.  Plus Emily is home all day to help out with any animal – related issues.  I even taught her how to make pumpkin waffles on the waffle iron so she could make my birthday dinner.  Let’s hope it keeps  being great!

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