A House Peeg

Y’all, brace yourselves.  My friend Susan got a pig peeg.  An adorable, plump, tiny little oinking bundle of cuddly cuteness that I think just killed me.

I took the girls in to meet him the day we picked up Paddy the duck.

He’s a mini pot – bellied peeg.  He’ll get to be about 30 compact pounds.  He’s litter trained.  LITTER TRAINED!!!!

Susie named him Charley.  My kids loooooooooove him.  They keep asking every day to go over to see him.  You know what this means.

I need my own house peeg.

Incidentally…..anyone who hasn’t been over to Susie’s site to see the cuteness that is Charley should check out her video of him.  Just make sure you’re careful – this kind of cuteness kills.