Boo To You!!!!!

We had a frightfully good time last night at our friends’ Halloween party. We all dressed in our costumes ( even Paul – he went as an IRS Auditor!), had lovely hard cider (the adults, anyway) and got to spend time with friends we don’t get to see nearly often enough.

Caroline and Neve, the mummy – wrap winners.

Theresa and I didn’t plan it, but we ended up being nearly twins……..right down to our stockings!

Like the mummy – wrap toilet paper stuck to our shoes?????

Our little lamb-chop slept for the first half of the party and was slow to warm up to it.

Cookie-eating contest.

Lots of vampires came to this party…..

Beth looked pretty smokin’ in her Joker costume.

The Book Club ladies, Halloween edition (those that were present anyway…..)

The Statue of Liberty in this picture just kills me.

We’ve got jack o’lantern lighting and trick or treating this evening.  And you????




Devil Eggs

Made for the party we’re headed to later.    I got the idea from a Halloween Martha Stewart Living from a few years ago.  Everyone agrees they look more like cats than devils, but that’s ok.  Right now all I care about is how they are going to taste. I love deviled eggs, especially with farm fresh eggs!

Princess Pumpkin Bread

While we were at Rhinebeck my friend Muffin shared her girlfriend’s  secret for making fantastic pumpkin bread:   use your favorite banana bread recipe and substitute pumpkin for the bananas.

It was one of those “Of course!” moments for me.

I usually use the banana bread recipe from America’s Test Kitchens Family Cookbook and as soon as I got home I set about adapting it to pumpkin.

I used the same amount of canned pumpkin as it called for bananas, and added a generous amount of both ground cinnamon and cloves.  Then I sprinkled some chopped pecans and roasted pumpkin seeds on top.


I’d tell you how it turned out but we’re all too busy stuffing our faces with it right now…………..


Ooh La La!

I finished sewing up Maddie’s Halloween costume last night and I am rather proud, if I do say so myself.  I wanted to get some pictures of her modeling it, but then I thought better of it.  She’s going as a “Ventriloquist Dummy”, but wanted me to make her a corset/bustier top.  I wasn’t sure how appropriate it would be to post her in it.

So, even though it doesn’t do the sewing justice, here’s what it looks like (and please look away from the liner fabric- it’s just a costume, afterall).

Still to be completed are Emily’s “Legend of Zelda” costume, Neve’s “Flamingo Princess” costume, and Oona’s Lamb costume.


New Members of the Flock

Today we brought home two new hens (I know, we need more chickens like we need a hole in the head). I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity when I saw someone on Craigslist selling a Sicilian Buttercup hen. They’re not exactly the most common of breeds.
I didn’t want to bring her home alone (there’s that anthropomorphising I tend to do) so I bought a blue Maran hen as well.

They’ve been named Melinda (the buttercup, after Ghost Whisperer, Emily’s favorite show) and Amelie (the blue one, on the right).

She’s got quite an impressive comb.  I went through all her feathers, checking for any pointy hackle or saddle feathers.  I just do NOT need another rooster!

So far they are getting along fine in our front pen with Paddy duck, Berry the lame rooster (“lame” as in he has a bad foot) and little CC the hen who won’t stay out back with all the others.

If we keep on at this rate we may need to open our own “Chicken World”.

More Scenes from Rhinebeck


There were incredible little felted woodland creatures.


All Things Llama!  Complete with felted llama wool slippers:

I am craving these pot pies again.  The line for the tent was ridiculous long, but they were well worth it.

The Rhinebeck House Party crew.

My very small stash of fiber – I did not really have a budget for it this year (next year, however……).  I did snag this super soft hank of Maple Creek Farm Merino Superwash in colorway “Spices” and two hanks of Fine Wool Sock yarn from Juniper Moon Farm in Colorways “Sea Witch” and “Merlot”.  And I have to admit I bought those directly from Susie here in Va and not exactly at Rhinebeck.  It’s to die for.  Can’t wait to knit all of it up!

I also brought home 3 big bags of Maple cotton candy.  Yum!

If you’ve never been to the Sheep and Wool Festival I highly suggest you try for next year – there’s a huge amount of people there and you’ll need to plan your accommodations well in advance but it’s a great time. We had a blast!

Country Living y’all!!!

The November issue of Country Living magazine is out, and it features none other than my awesome friend Susie!

Click HERE to see the online link to the article.

There are some great pictures of the animals, the people and the yarn at Juniper Moon Farm.

Speaking of Susie, she and I are headed up to the New York Sheep & Wool Festival at Rhinebeck this weekend.  (Paul will be holding down the fort here with the kids and animals).  I’ll do my best to post pics from the road; otherwise check back Monday.  Until then, check out that article and buy some yarn!!!