Paddy Goes Swimming

When we brought Paddington Duck home from Susie’s we brought a small plastic child’s pool as well.  Unfortunately, the first night Paddy was with us she suffered an injury on her neck ( possibly a peck from a certain hen) that required some bandaging and antibiotic so she wasn’t able to use her pool for awhile.

Happily she is now fully recovered and it was rather warm today so we dug out the pool, filled it with water and let her have at it.  She took right to it like….well, like a duck to water.

It was obvious right away that this is where she is meant to be.  You could feel the happy.

I still can’t get over how stinkin’ cute she is.  Even Paul is smitten with her- and how can you not dig a man who loves a duckling????

Oh hai !!!!!

Something tells me there are more ducks in my future……………..

4 thoughts on “Paddy Goes Swimming

  1. If you have an incubator, I can spot you some runner duck eggs. Ours should be fertile with two boys on the job.

    It is so much fun to watch them swim. I got mine a year and a half ago and can’t imagine not having them now.

  2. Oh I would love runner duck eggs! But alas, we have no incubator and I am not letting my hens go broody since it’s starting to get cooler now.
    Are you in Va???

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