Clams and Mussels, Oh My!

You can’t say my kids aren’t adventurous.  Neve upped the ante this past weekend by attempting to expand her culinary experience.

My aunt Leisa was in town so we all headed over to my parents’ for raw clams and steamed mussels (and pizza for the kids) .

Emily declared herself unable to eat something that was rather alive at the time of purchase (she’s a vegetarian but will eat fish… long as it comes frozen in a box).  Neve was fascinated by the shells and the whole process of cleaning them.  As the adults started scarfing them down (with a dollop of dad’s fabulous cocktail sauce) we could all tell Neve was trying to summon up the courage to try one.

She liked the sauce and really wanted to see what raw clam tasted like, but she was also a bit nervous about the whole thing.

So we did what any other good family would do.

We bribed her.  A bag of M&M’s would head her way if she’d try a clam.

It took her all her courage and quite a few starts and stops…….

She did it!

She got it part way down her throat and then…..

Back it came.

At least she tried.

The amazing thing is, we got her to try a steamed mussel a little while later.

It came back, too.

Maybe when she’s older.

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