It’s been so busy around here that I completely forgot to mention that I finished a knitting project last week!

I know, you’re speechless.

I finally, and at long last cast off my Noro striped scarf, in colorways I cannot remember because I started it so long ago.

I am really pleased with how it came out, and although I was a bit concerned with its scratchiness, I was reassured by my friend Suzy Q that it softens up beautifully with wear.

I initially worried when I started homeschooling that it would leave with me even less time to knit than I had before (which was not much), but I think I may have found even more time.  While I am waiting for the girls to complete reading, writing or drawing assignments, I knit. While they are test – taking, I knit.

Now, it doesn’t always work out this way; sometimes I just can’t stand looking at dirty dishes anymore or I am desperate for some clean laundry.  But, more often than not, that time goes to knitting.

And snuggling the cutest baby on the planet.

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