Serging Happiness

Susan was kind enough to let me borrow her serger last week.  I had a pile of fabric scraps that were too small for any real projects and too big to throw away, so I thought “napkins”!  And “dishtowels”!

The serger sat for a week before I had time to use it (newborn lambies are much more fun to play with!) but last night I sat down a sewed up a whole big pile o’ cloth napkins.

There’s no real matching sets to speak of, they’re not all exactly the same size.  But I love, love, LOVE how they came out.  The serged edges look so much nicer than a plain fold – over hem would.

Now I am thinking about all of the cute clothing projects I could finish up with such lovely seams!

One thought on “Serging Happiness

  1. It’s the best isn’t it…Literally, I had sewn for 20 years when i got a serger – i couldn’t imagine how i’d done without it!

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