Duck Tales

It’s finally been warm enough here lately that we can fill up Paddy Duck’s little swimmy pool and let her get some water exercise.

I’m still amazed at how much I love ducks – they are cute, they are smart, they are a hoot to watch.

Paddie’s grown into quite a lovely duck, and quite a good watch-duck.  She’ll quack noisily whenever anyone comes down the driveway or opens the front door.

And now, she has some non – chicken company.  Remember those little ducklings we brought home almost exactly one month ago?

They’re now big enough to be outside.

That’s right, those huge ducks (“Fanny” and “LeQuack”)  are just over a month old.  In fact, they’re big enough that Paddie is rather nervous around them.

I’m pretty sure we have a male and a female there.  I’m hoping so, anyway.  In Paddie’s case, we’re fairly certain she’s a “she”, but as we have had no duck eggs yet…..we have no concrete proof.  Two females and a male would be a happy trio.  Here’s hoping!