Big Knitting News

Can I get a hands- up from all the knitters out there?

For anyone who hasn’t already heard, Susan’s Juniper Moon Farm has been licensed by one of the biggest yarn companies – KFI (Knitting Fever Inc) – in the country.  If you’ve heard of Debbie Bliss, you ‘ll soon hear of JMF in the same circles, since Debbie Bliss yarns are also made by KFI.

If you don’t know knitting, trust me.  This is a HUGE deal. Soon you’ll find Juniper Moon Farm yarn in stores all over the US.

The part of it nearest and dearest to my heart however are the pattern books that will be released to compliment the yarn lines.  In the past I’ve collected knitting books ravenously.  I never thought or dreamed that one day I’d be present for the making of any, and certainly never imagined that my daughters would be in any!

Check out Susan’s blog for a sneak peak at the books and my lovely Emily who will appear for several patterns.  Even Oona will put in a cameo!