Montpelier Fiber Festival (Sort of)

Caroline called me up Sunday morning and invited me to the local(ish) fiber festival that was taking place this weekend.  I had been on the fence about going since we’d done Old Farm Day on Saturday and I really didn’t have the cash to be going to a FIBER festival, but I scraped together what I could and we went for it!  Besides, how can you say no to Caroline?  I love hanging with her.

The weather was very fall – like: overcast and chilly.  Perfect for looking at all things wool.

We watched the sheepdog trials for a bit and hit the sheep tent.  We both got plenty of photos of the animals in there, and then promptly forgot we had cameras.  When you’re focused on wool, well.

We made a point to check in on our friend Anna at her vendor station.  I wish I had gotten some pics there, but you’ll simply have to take my word for it that she has beautiful pottery and woven things.  In fact, I’ve linked her website to her name.  Check it out, y’all (she’s the one that did the awesome Juniper Moon Farm mugs and yarn bowls).

Caroline picked out some lovely hand – dyed yarn from Knitting Notions (who I am thrilled has an online store, so I can order from them in the future), and I got some sportweight Superfine Alpaca (actually I bought one hank & Caroline bought me the other – how awesome is she?)  from Delly’s Delights.  I’ll be going back to them again as well.

I really had a great time with Caroline.  I am hoping like mad I can snag her and take her to Rhinebeck next year.  I can’t think of a better travel companion for such an adventure (though all of you Rhinebeck buddies from last year certainly come to mind as well!!)

Anyway, enjoy the only two decent photos I managed to get from the day.  One of an Icelandic who was too hilariously like Feenat to pass up and a Cottswald that looked a lot like Ernie.


One thought on “Montpelier Fiber Festival (Sort of)

  1. It was great seeing you guys! When I saw your cameras I was sure you would post a ton of pictures. 😉 But am glad you just enjoyed what you saw instead. See you again at Shearing!

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