Surreal (But Really Great) Weekend

Last weekend something amazing happened.

Through the combined power of Facebook and Juniper Moon Farm, I reunited with two friends I had not seen in literally twenty years.

I found my friends Heather and Sarah on Facebook – we had been inseparable in middle school – after not having seen them or known where they were for nearly two decades.  We fell right back in to our easy banter and started to catch up and get to know each other again, and then Susan had a sale on Farm Stays this summer.  Heather snagged one for herself and her girlfriend Karen and we couldn’t wait to have a mini reunion!

Heather and Karen stayed three nights at the farm and Zac and Caroline fed us the BEST dinner every night for the stay.  Sarah and her husband James live, coincidentally enough, about two hours east of us and we were able to make a day of visiting Monticello, Michie Tavern, and Ashlawn – Highland.

I even brought the girls and they behaved rather well for such a long day on our feet.

We couldn’t have asked for better weather, either.  The mountaintop was beautiful with the leaves just starting to turn.

It really was surreal at certain moments.  Here you have friends who were *thisclose* at one time and still feel that connection and that ease around each other, but at the same time it feels like you’re getting to know someone new.  It at times takes you back into your teenage head and you remember all of your hopes and plans you had together, and then you’re suddenly in that future together but in different and unexpected ways. I couldn’t always wrap my brain around it.   I really wish I had pictures of us from back then to compare, because I would have recognized Sarah and Heather anywhere.  It’s as though we are simply more confident – looking versions of those girls from long ago.

I guess it’s fitting that this “historical” (for us, anyway) reunion took place at the homes of former presidents (and if you don’t know which ones, please click those links!)

My kids took to my friends right away, and were very sad when we all had to part ways.

It was a brilliant day, a wonderful visit, and I am hoping we’ll get to do it again soon (and NOT twenty years from now!).




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