Shearing Day!

Okay, you can file this in the “Better Late Than Never” category.  It’s been busy around here!  There’s LAND CLEARING going on!

It’s been a bit slow going, but it’s been good because our landscaper is really looking out for how the land will look and how best to use it without working against what we’ve got.  The good news is there’s a lot of really good trees (read: really old, tall, straight, hardwood trees).  Enough, in fact, that we can sell some to pay for clearing the land and have some left to look nice and provide shade during the heat of summer. It’s going to be great, y’all!

We did take a break from land and house work Saturday to go to Juniper Moon Farm’s Spring 2012 Shearing Party.

And I am so glad we did!  We got to see so many friends that don’t live close enough and spend some time with the animals.

Maddie provided face painting fun for the kids.

The geese behaved themselves quite well.

We also got to meet Susan’s new cow, Luna!

She’s ridiculously sweet.

Our friend Michelle was there with her adorable baby.  Hi Michelle!!!!

Paul and Erin.  He was probably talking about buses.  That’s pretty much what he does these days.

Emily got to talk about her crazy mad skills as a shearer in between working the sheep.  She’s only recently back from a stint at the shearing olympics in New Zealand. (Seriously, google “Golden Shears”).

We all got some Jerry love.

Some more than others.

I’m not sure, but I think Jerry remembers Paul.

He spent a good five minutes trying to pull Paul’s shirt off.  Neve thought Jerry either really liked or really hated that red shirt.

But after he spent an equal amount of time trying to tear off Paul’s ears I decided he definitely remembers Paul.





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