Back To School

Two days of school are behind us.  I think we are getting close to figuring out our rhythm for the year, and I am rather pleased with how well it has been so far.  Oona has taken to it like a dream (as long as I get her lessons done first thing.  She gets antsy if she waits too long).

Last year we did a lot of work on letters and sounds, shapes and colors, so this year we are expanding on that with sight words and counting and basic geometry.

Neve is starting off reading the first Harry Potter book.  I’m excited to see how much more she’ll enjoy the books than the movies.

Emily doesn’t really care what I put in front of her to read; she’d just be happier if she could sleep till noon first.

Maddie’s working on some advanced math and chemistry that terrifies me.  Good thing I have teacher’s guides.  And a husband who is a whiz at both.

And to complete our cozy little schoolroom, we even have a class bully.

Hey kid.  Gimme all your snacks or I’ll come sit on your book.

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