Don’t Blink

Halloween is already over, can you believe it?  I swear time goes faster and faster every year.

I didn’t manage to get many pictures once we got out with our friends but I did get a few of the kids to show off.

The star costume this year was Emily’s – she went as a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who.

Oona went as a witch (after changing her mind thousands of times) and Neve went as Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride.

The only disappointment of the evening was the lack of houses giving out candy.  It seemed no one really wanted to participate in Halloween this year.  Of course, less candy in Oona’s bag is not necessarily a bad thing for my sanity.

We are all pretty proud of how Emily’s costume turned out.  It was a collective DIY effort, and at times I thought it was going to thoroughly kick my butt.  Props to Maddie and Emily for sculpting the face.  I am especially proud of the wig (chunky black yarn sewn onto panty hose and sprayed with faux-stone paint from Lowe’s).

There were a few things we didn’t quite finish on it (her eyes should have been covered over to look like a statue’s) but for a few hours of fun, I’d say it was rather amazing.

Creepy, right?

As luck (and awesomeness) would have it, my friend Jessie’s daughter Katie went as a Weeping Angel as well.  The two of them together was pretty neat.

It’s too bad they wanted to trick or treat – it would have been quite scary for them to stay on the porch to hand out candy.



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