Sugar High

Yesterday we hosted our annual Cookie Exchange – today we all have food hangovers.  Which we are treating by eating mostly cookies.

I didn’t manage to take many pictures – too busy having fun with friends, you know – but Paul got some with his phone.



Oona had to be held back from eating the cookies I made for the party.



I think I was telling them about the mole Orzo had dug up during the party.  I had run out there after people were telling me they saw him playing with something (I was afraid that despite the colder temps it might be a snake) and found him grabbing at a very fat mole.  My first instinct was to grab it and chuck it outside the field, but then Orzo grabbed it in his mouth and flung it – right into my face.  It shrieked and I was caught off guard.  So I held Orzo back while it burrowed away.




Emily took advantage of our internet – it has not been working properly at Juniper Moon Farm.




I love this picture of Keith and daughter Katie.



Everyone wore their poinsettia pins we made for them!


Even blurry, Jessie looks great.  I tell ya.



You can focus on it being a terribly unflattering picture, or you can focus on the fact that I finished my dress in time to wear it for the party.



Good lord my friend Theresa makes cute babies.  I just wanted to grab little Teddy here and snuggle him all day.


A rare picture of Emily in the wild.  She has decided the only pictures of her that she will allow are during JMF photoshoots.  You know, when you’ve had a personal stylist and professional photographer working with you, I guess it would be hard to go back to “normal” pictures.  Or she is just pulling the “surly teenager” card.


Maddie and Gully spent plenty of quality relaxing time after the party.

We were worn out from all that fun! And food! (And just maybe the wine and the delicious  hard cider that Theresa brought).


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