The Return of the Light

Another solstice upon us.  The days will start getting longer again with the promise of spring and renewal.  I don’t know why we don’t celebrate this any longer as a culture or society.  Perhaps the ease with which we light and warm our homes means we don’t need to rely so much on the sun’s light anymore and we are just that much less grateful to it.  I don’t think so, though.  So many people I know struggle through the darker days and eagerly await the their lengthening again.  Perhaps we simply lack the tradition of recognizing and celebrating this yearly right of passage?

Either way it is one of my favorite days of the year, because although I love fall and winter and enjoy the colder weather, the early darkness every day takes it toll on me.

Tonight we’ll celebrate by having a fire, enjoying each other’s company (the adults will partake of some Jameson’s and gingerale, my favorite winter drink) and work on whatever crafts we want to finish for gifting.


We welcomed three geese to our little farm today as well.  You may remember them from Juniper Moon Farm.  You may also recall that Susan (and all the animals, if we are being honest) never really cared for these pesky critters.  Geese aren’t the friendliest birds.  But as geese go, these ones aren’t really mean.  I am keeping them around for snake control.


We’re calling them Abigail, Amelia, and Uncle Waldo.  You’ve seen The Aristocats, right?


Wren and Piper have been giving me sweet little lamby kisses.


Being nuzzled by those soft little noses can cure just about any ill.



Happy Solstice, all.

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