Saturday Scenes

The Best Thing happened today.

We got hay delivered.  To the field!

No more carrying huge loads down several times a day!

Not only that, but even though we got some snow today the water lines didn’t freeze!  I don’t know how I got that lucky in one day, but I’ll take it!


They were so happy to see it.  They kept their noses right up to it ALL day.



Neve has been building quite a relationship with sweet Orzo.  Jerry, however, likes to intrude on their space.


He may be just the tiniest bit jealous.


Agnes and Tilly have settled in just fine and seem content with Uncle Waldo.


Neve and Orzo were running around; Jerry wasn’t in the line of chase but overreacted anyway.  I couldn’t stop chuckling when I saw the picture.


He always whines a bit when Neve says goodbye to walk back up to the house.  Pretty soon she’ll be trying to smuggle him into her room, if I am not careful!


This snuggle-fest appears to have some photo-bombers in the back.


Creepin’.  Goat and goose style.