And just like that, Lambing/Kidding season 2013 has begun.


I had suspected we were pretty close to Milkshakes’ and Adelaide’s due dates based on how large and ungainly they were becoming, so yesterday Neve and I confined them to their own pen with some shelter and went to check on them every 4 hours or so.  It was a long night, and my cold seems to have made a bit of a comeback after not getting enough sleep.

Around lunchtime I peeked out and saw Adelaide on her side with her legs stuck out – not a normal position for a goat.  I rushed down with some towels and my phone (Neve bringing up the rear) just in time to see her push out a tiny brown blob of adorable.  I didn’t even have time to call for backup.


Meet Caramel.  She’s just a little peanut, isn’t she?  Her daddy is Susan’s little LaMancha, Camembert.

Addy’s a bit reluctant in the nursing department, but she’ll at least not fight if we hold her to allow Caramel to nurse.



Tiny little ears!!!!


Both mama and baby are doing fine.  Unfortunately my camera battery died just as Cara was finding her feet and starting to hop about.



Now begins a month of crazy waiting.  I’ll be bouncing back and forth between home and helping Susan with her lambs, so be prepared for more adorable than you can handle!