Slow Week

For some reason this week has felt never-ending.  At the same time, I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished much.  Maybe it’s just the winter doldrums.  It’s gone from bitter cold with a smattering of snow (enough to lightly dust the ground but melt by the next day) to sunny and in the high 50’s.  There’s talk of rain tomorrow.  Winter rain is not something I handle well.  It makes me grumpy and bitter that it should be beautiful snow; delicate, beautiful flakes of happiness to settle on branches and cover the world in a layer of fresh white.  Instead it’s rain and mud and brown and grey and cold and BLAH.

On the plus side, we actually did get those bitter cold snaps that I was hoping for.  With any luck this will keep the overgrowth of parasites and pests in check this year.


Also I should be happy that we’ve gotten some snow.  Some snow is better than no snow, right?

Plus, in between the snow and rain and the cold and the warm I have managed to get outside and take care of a few things here and there.  Which is when I discovered these:


My garlic has sprouted! All those many bulbs I planted in the fall are waking up and sending out shoots in preparation for spring.  I have already begun dreaming of my garden this year and my head is full of plans for what we’ll grow and where we’ll put the new squash bed.

But for now it is still winter, and I still need to tough it out and finish my darn sweater before it gets too warm to wear it.


One sleeve to go!