Cold Cure

I’ve been down and out with a bad cold for the last several days.  It’s been adding a lot of anxiety for me because it’s kept me from getting much accomplished, and there is plenty to be done for spring (and those goat kids that look ready to be born any second).

But it’s also been nice to have a little pampering.  Everyone’s been helping to ensure I have a nice hot cup of Harney and Sons Cinnamon Spice Tea at all times.

I’ve been snacking like crazy on these super – sweet mandarin oranges I found at Trader Joe’s.


I’ve been treating myself – very occasionally since it’s not exactly cheap – to some Blenheim Hot Gingerale (by “Hot” I mean super spicy, not heated).


It’s woefully hard to come by if you don’t live in the Carolinas, but Fresh Market carries it here.  If you have a Fresh Market or you’re south of Virginia, keep an eye out.  It’s totally worth its weight in gold. The spicy kick really clears up the sinuses!

And finally, I’ve been incredibly lucky to get a whole fridge full of Susan’s Roasted Garlic Chicken Soup.


I’ve eaten this every day I’ve been sick and it has been a godsend.

Today I am feeling a whole lot better, but the weather is about the worst it can be: cold and massively rainy.  With my luck, this will be the day / night the goats decide to kid.

Cross your fingers they wait for at least somewhat better weather.

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