Today in Lambs

I think Susan and I could easily engage in a “cute-off”.  She’d win, only because she has a lot more lambs than I.  I am sadly thinking that Wren and Fairfax are not bred after all, which means I will only have two lambs this year.

But such cute lambs they are!






Darby and Amelia.






We are so completely in love with these little darlings.  I wish we could have lambs around ALL the time!

3 thoughts on “Today in Lambs

  1. I absolutely LOVE Darby’s markings! SO cute! He will always be recognizable. 🙂 (He’ll keep the markings as he grows up?)

  2. Such heartbreakers! I didn’t think there could be anything cuter than a lamb but now that I’ve seen a black lamb, I’m revising my standard!

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