Some week, huh?

Luckily I’ve had plenty to distract me and keep me busy so I wouldn’t sit around and worry about friends and relatives in Boston.

Paul did some tractoring in the area out back where the squash garden will be put in.


It will more or less double the garden space we already have, and this way the squash can spread all it likes and it won’t overtake the tomatoes and peppers like last year.

We also did tails, tags and testes this week.

We dock our lambs’ tails to avoid the potential for fly strike.  Although we can do it ourselves, we prefer to let the vet take care of it.  It’s done with the use of a very tight rubber band that disrupts blood flow to the tail.  It’s uncomfortable for them, but not super painful.  After a while the tail simply “dries up” and falls off.  We do the testicles of our boy lambs and goats the same way.  The vet gives them some pain killer at the time the banding is done, and after an hour or so they don’t seem to remember that the bands are there at all, and they are back to playing and eating normally.

Ear tags were done this week at the same time.


Darby.  Lord I love that little lamb.


Doesn’t he look spiffy with his new tag?


We also had a lovely visit from my friend Theresa who came down from  New Jersey with her little ones.



We played with lambs and the kids had a blast.

We are so fortunate to have wonderful friends and beautiful weather and adorable babies!