Sum Total



Is the sum total of my knitting for the month.

Two measly rows.

To be fair, it’s been an insanely busy month.  I am starting to realize that April seems to be THE busiest month of the farm year.  Between babies being born, shearing being done and garden work going on, it’s exhausting.

Plus, Susan is moving, and we’ve been helping her take things to the landfill and storage as needed.  It’s been a fun and hectic month, but it leaves little down time.  In the evenings, when I would normally be knitting, Oona has decided that snuggles on my lap are essential.

I can hardly complain about that.

The good news is that by next week the majority of the garden prep and planting will be done, everyone will be settled, and things will calm down a bit. Then that yarn and I are going to spend some quality time together.

Neve and The Giving Tree

No, not the book.

We have a small line of those crappy scrub pines in our front yard – the kind that we really want to take down, but we don’t have anything nice and tall to replace them with, and we like the relative privacy they afford.

One of them has a bird’s nest about 10 feet off the ground.  Neve spotted it quite a few weeks ago while playing outside, and has been keeping an eye on its inhabitants ever since.

Yesterday when she was strolling by she noticed a tiny baby bird on the ground under the nest.  Carefully, Neve picked up the little baby and climbed up the tree to the nest.  As she peered into it to find a place to deposit the tiny bird, she spotted two other babies and a dollar sticking out of the nesting materials.

Deftly she placed the baby back in the nest and swiped the dollar, stuffing it into her pocket so she could make the careful descent back to the ground.

Then she carried on with her day – telling us all excitedly how she got to hold a little baby bird.

She completely forgot about the dollar in all her excitement.

But wait…….it gets even more far-fetched!

While watching tv on the couch with us last night she was re-counting her story and suddenly remembered the dollar.  She reached into her pocket, unfolded the bill and – it was a twenty!

Can I just tell you how incredulous and skeptical we all were?  I think we grilled her for half an hour on the truthfulness of finding a twenty dollar bill in a bird’s nest.

However, in the end, no one was missing any cash, Neve’s story never wavered, and we were forced to believe the incredible tale.


I think that little Neve leads a charmed life!