Maintenance and Upgrades

Now that we’ve managed to carve this property more or less into what we need it to be we realized it’s time to make it look better.

We’re working on getting the pool open (a genius with pool chemicals I am not) and in anticipation of that Paul decided we needed stairs so we’re not walking down a veritable mud slide to it.


He spent the weekend bringing in dirt and setting the bricks in where they need to be.


I’m excited for the finished product – and I’m thinking some solar lights along the sides are called for.

I also bought more peony and dianthus plants to put in (haven’t gotten to them yet….ugh) and we’re working on smoothing out the back pasture and getting all the stumps removed (slowly but surely).

The good news is that I am starting to see this:


Grass!  I can see grass starting to come in!  It’s not growing in fast enough to suit me, but at least I can see that a day will come that it won’t look like a barren, post apocalyptic wasteland back there!

3 thoughts on “Maintenance and Upgrades

  1. Take it from another non-genius-pool-chemical-person, if you have one close, just take a sample of the pool water to a pool shop. They’ll analyze it and give you the right stuff. Soooo much easier and much less exposure to unnecessary chemicals. Good luck!

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