Trying to Beat the Heat

It’s finally starting to feel like summer out there.

The cicadas are chattering the day away and the livestock are hiding out under the trees.  Thankfully we were able to leave several large trees out in the field and now that they are leafed in they provide plenty of afternoon shade for the sheep and goats.  Jerry doesn’t seem to care overmuch about the sun; as long as he can keep his face buried in yummy hay he’s not going anywhere else.

We’re starting to ease into our summer schedule: early morning watering and sheep checks followed by laying low during the hottest portions of the day (though I still check the sheep during this time to be sure no one is in any distress) and then feedings and another round of checks in the evening.  The evenings are usually when everyone is most playful and happy.


The chickens find whatever shade they can as well – usually under the cars.





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