Every Farmhouse Needs A Table

A REAL table.  Not two plastic Sam’s Club folding tables bolted together and covered with tablecloths to keep people from suspecting.

That is sadly what has passed for the main table in the house for a few years now.  We needed a fairly large table and as you can imagine, real wood tables are rather expensive, especially ones big enough to allow for up to ten people to sit around them (remember, we host family gatherings for the holidays).

And when you think of it, so much life happens around a table when you homeschool and when you make it a priority for the family to eat together at meal times.  Why not have a table you love?

So, a while back we acquired a beautiful rustic farmhouse table.  The problem was, moving it was ridiculous.  It had been put together so poorly that it was nearly impossible to life without pulling the entire top off, and the legs had nails sticking straight out in places.

It took Paul a bit of work, but he spent time reinforcing the whole thing and taking out any hazardous nails.  I thought it would never be complete and in the house, but the results were well worth the wait!




We inaugurated it by having an impromptu dinner guest (my friend Margie who stopped by and had a butternut risotto foisted upon her) and everyone agrees it is a far nicer table than what we were using previously.



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