Red, White, and Blue!

I hope you all had a lovely Independence Day!

We were lucky to be able to spend it with our friends and watch fireworks overlooking the lake from a private residence (no huge crowds to contend with!).  The hosts even handed out Snickers ice cream bars to everyone – it really put our holiday over the top!


Aside from fresh baguettes with dipping oils and pasta salad, I brought these whacky red (or pink!), white and blue deviled eggs.  To make them, I boiled my eggs, and once they were cool I peeled them.  Then I soaked them in water with food coloring for two hours before slicing them and making the filling.


Our spot overlooking the lake.  It was lovely!



Post – fireworks fun with sparklers.  Jessie’s daughter Katie is Oona’s favorite person at the moment.  Thankfully Katie is very patient, because Oona hung off her the ENTIRE time.

Then of course, there was Neve.  She wore her “Dr. Who” tee shirt with the Union Jack on it because she claimed it was her only red, white and blue shirt.  But she then proceeded to shout “The British should have won!” while we were on our way to the fireworks.

Oh, that kid.



It was a perfect holiday with some of our favorite people.

Happy fourth, everyone.

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