Weed Patrol

The weeds are out of hand this year.  I know I say that every year, but I had truthfully done ZERO outside to control them since spring.  For one, the weed whacker is broken.  Two, it’s either been mad rainy or mad hot.

This weekend, however, it has been clear and sunny and relatively cool, with a high of around 80.  Time for some weeding!

But wait!

The weed whacker is still broken!

And my pinky toe that I broke a few weeks ago (stupid, stupid.  Misjudged the bottom of the stairs around 2 in the morning and landed on my pinky toe.  It made a nice “crunch”) is still not quite healed.

How on earth to manage those pesky weeds??


I brought up four goats: Milkshakes, Roquefort, Bertie and Sam.  We’re calling it their “work release” program.









They all love munching down those virginia creeper vines that make me so crazy.  In one weekend these four will rip out and eat all of that overgrowth that has been plaguing the front garden for months, and I won’t have to get sliced up by prickers or assaulted by spiders.

As for the back garden: there are still sweet potato vines that look like they may produce fruit, so I don’t want to throw goats or pigs in there quite yet.  For now I have put the ducks out there.  There’s plenty of forage in there for them and bugs and they shouldn’t be able to damage the sweet potatoes too much.