Scenes From the Craziest Week EVER

This week we played host to “Yarn Share” prep with Susan and Lauria to get out the latest yarn shares and The Shepherd and The Shearer shares.

This involved dyeing some yarn, packaging some yarn, and just a smidge of tagging yarn.  And by “smidge” I mean something like 7,500.

Yup.  We took turns stringing twine through product tags and tying them onto hanks of yarn to be packaged and shipped out.

Fortunately Maddie had a ready supply of friends willing to help out while Lauria got the dyeing and labeling of packages accomplished.  It took nearly two weeks.  But friends, let me tell you.  Our hands felt divine after handling all that wool with its soothing lanolin still intact!


I even got to try my hand at dyeing yarn for the first time!

I didn’t dye any of the share yarn – I was waaaay too nervous I’d mess that up!  But I had some farm yarn (Cormo/Mohair) kicking around that I threw in the pot.


Isn’t it gorgeous?  It’s exactly what I was hoping for.

My friend Tanya threw two of my skeins into a batch of the cranberry dye as well, and it is AMAZING.  But I don’t have any pictures of it at the moment.  Sorry!


Luscious wool.


Our house was overrun with it!


There were times where every one of us was tempted to lose hope that it would ever get done and sent out, but thankfully we had some of the most hardworking and fun people on the job.

Now we are done and our Tibetan mountain range of wool has become a mere Catskills.

Time to relax, recoup, and get back to routine.