Cozy Holiday At Home

Despite all the cleaning, cooking, baking and prep-work involved with hosting a holiday, there’s nothing quite like having a cozy, quiet Thanksgiving at home.


I finished up the napkins and moved on to a table runner from a canvas dropcloth I got at Lowe”s and some leaf stamps.



I was rather pleased with the result!


Five pies were made in advance. Two pumpkin, one pumpkin cream, one vegan pumpkin (okay I cheated there and only had to heat that one up from frozen), and an apple pie.


I made a GIANT batch of Susan’s stuffing – I hadn’t realized how large a regular batch was, so I doubled it.

We’ll be eating stuffing leftovers for the next three years.


Oona showed off her reading skills to Paul’s mom.


I spent most of the day on my feet in front of the stove – but it was totally worth it.



Obligatory meal photo – we had brined, roasted turkey (Trader Joe’s – easiest bird I have ever cooked!) with homemade gravy from pan drippings, roasted green beans with red onions, garlic and pancetta, sweet potato casserole with mini marshmallows on top (the kids demanded it), Susan’s stuffing, mashed potatoes (made in the crockpot!!!  BEST thing ever!), homemade rolls, and two kinds of cranberry sauce (bourbon-cranberry and cranberry chutney).

Goodness I think I need to go fix myself a plate of leftovers now.


Pie, coffee and wine by candlelight.

Today we shall avoid the shopping crowds and enjoy some family time before getting our tree tomorrow and kicking off the Christmas season.

Hope your holiday was as warm and pleasant as ours!

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