Sheep Week!

This week is very exciting for us around here for two reasons: the return of the LambCam, and Modern Farmer Magazine.

LambCam has been a crazy popular JMF institution since Susan came up with the whole idea waaay back when she was still up in New York.  It’s called “LambCam” for obvious reasons: it was a way for shareholders of her newly minted fiber-based CSA (also her invention – she was the first one in the US to do it) to see the lambs being born and finding their legs.  LambCam followed her down here to Virginia where it continued to have heavy traffic.

This past spring it was with heavy hearts that she dismantled the LambCam as we moved her out of her farm and installed her – and the animals – here with us temporarily.  Susan never stopped talking about getting it back online, though.  For my part, I thought she was crazy.  Who would want to watch the animals at my little farm?  Wouldn’t they rather wait for Susan to move them to greener, lusher, better pastures?  Wouldn’t they rather see Susan herself out there instead of me?

Susan didn’t think any of that mattered.  And you know what?  She was right!  People want sheep, sheep, and more sheep! And goats!  And a llama!  And even though currently her flock is here, it’s still her farm, her vision.  It’s as though we’ve blended to become one happy farm for now, and I am thrilled because I get to care for my best friend’s animals and have my best friend living with us whenever she’s not traveling.

This week Paul finished up the camera placement and we went live.  That’s where things got super exciting, because the JMF LambCam is now the official Modern Farmer Magazine LambCam!

It’s a bit shocking to see how many people are watching at any given time but it’s also been pretty fun.  We are expecting a new microphone to come any day and we can get the sound working so you can hear just how ornery and prehistoric Cosmo’s baa sounds.

Edited to add:  WE’RE ON BUZZFEED NOW!!!!!!

Until then, keep an eye on that cam, and here are some flock pics!




Martin calls shenanigans on this weather.










Yummy hay!!!!







Lucy, trying to eat through the fence.  I love how Orzo is in the back all, “Mom?  I really don’t think we’re supposed to do that.”










Cosmo and Darby, snorgling a bit.

Feeding times are roughly 9:30 am and 5:00 pm, so stay tuned to that LambCam!

2 thoughts on “Sheep Week!

  1. …and I’m sure Paul doesn’t mind the technical headaches as much since fixing them means putting on a pair of boots…rather then hopping into the truck and driving to another farm!

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