Nice Shootin’, Tex

There’s a whole lotta shooting going on!  Photo shooting!

(And Susan’s from Texas, so it’s funny, see?  No? Sigh…..)

Today was day one of the Juniper Moon Farm Yarns spring/summer photo shoot.  It was also 18 degrees when we left the house this morning for it.  In years past we’ve always always shot the pictures outside, no matter what.  There is one photo of Emily wearing a light blue springy wrap that we shot while it was sleeting.  Let no one say we haven’t suffered for this art.

This year Susan was very, very nice to us and rented some studio space indoors.  I know, she’s a saint.

Actually I am pretty sure it’s because we don’t have the big farm anymore and here it is just all muddy and icy and gross.  But we’ll take it either way!


As usual, we put Emily to work.  She’s getting better and better at taking direction and she and Susan found their rhythm pretty early today.


Maddie also came along to pose, as did her friend Gabi.  Neve and Oona brought up the rear and kept everyone annoyed entertained.


Lauria is seriously photogenic.


I can’t wait for everyone to see the stunning pictures Susan took of Emily.


This is the reality behind any fashion shoot.  Clothes are pinned to fit each model perfectly.  All of the samples are one size, and since people aren’t one size, we have to make each garment fit as though it was made for that person.  Emily happened to be a bit too small for this sweater.

Yes, they absolutely do this in your favorite catalogs/magazines.   Your clothes don’t fit you the same way because they aren’t pinned on you just so.

That’s the beauty of knitwear like this, though.  You can pick your pattern and your size, and adjust it while you knit so that it fits you properly.

We’ll be doing this the rest of this week, and I hear tell that we may be doing some sock yarn dyeing as well.

Should be fun!


3 thoughts on “Nice Shootin’, Tex

  1. Yay! I LOVE these photos and I’m so glad that you all aren’t suffering in the freezing temperatures. So excited to see how all the photos turn out!

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun. The clothes are beautiful. Lol I always thought clothing was tailored to fit model. Dying sock yarn looks fun as well.

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