Another Glorious Snow Day

We got several inches of snow yesterday and Paul’s office was closed, so I declared an actual snow day for the kids.  Normally we have school no matter what the weather, but it looked so blizzardy, and inside was so cozy with the fireplace (and having Paul home throws off our routine anyway), so I let everyone curl up under their blankets and just relax all day.


It worked out well for me; I got the front right half of my Shepherd sweater done!


It worked out well for Gulliver, as well – he had Paul’s lap all day.


No one, though, seemed to enjoy the snow more than Gnocchi.



He  had his goofy self a grand time while the snow fell.


While Cosmo and the smallest lambs enjoyed the dryness of the shelter with a few chicken friends and the pigs.


But, the day that had begun so snowy and stormy finished out sunny, and they all came out to enjoy some hay.


It’s hard to believe that two days ago it was 73 degrees, and that a few weeks from now is the first day of spring.  It’s still rather frigid outside and the snow has not begun to melt yet.  Soon enough it will, though, and we will be installing a heat lamp into the big chicken coop for the arrival next week of our ducklings!  Winter may have some life left in it, but spring is nearly upon us!



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