Tag Day!

The new Vet came out today to take care of tagging the lambs’ ears and banding their tails and (for the boys) testicles. The boys weren’t overly pleased with the process, but the ewe lambs were vocally pissed.  They threw themselves on the ground, flailing about and yelling as though the world were ending.

In reality, they were fine.  A bit of initial discomfort, and then their tails (and testes) go numb.  The blood stops flowing to those extremities and they become dessicated and fall off. In fact, by the time we did evening chores they had gotten over it completely.


Don’t they look spiffy with their new tags?


Bennett with her boys, Keswick and Brunswick.


Lamb pile on Wren!





Miss Wembley, looking mighty pleased with herself after throwing an epic post-tagging tantrum.

The vet gave all these beasts (seriously, they’re HUGE) a clean bill of health and approved putting them out into the pasture this weekend.  We’ll be letting the goats out first to test the fences (juuuuust in case.  If there’s a weakness, goats will find and exploit it) overnight and if all goes well, the babies and mamas will be frolicking on fresh green tomorrow night!

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