Fresh Pastures

This evening after feeding we opened the gates to the big field.  As the light was fading, all the mamas and lambs found their way out to fresh grass and weeds.   On the one hand, it feel so wonderful to be able to put them out onto pasture; on the other hand it makes me terribly anxious sending our babies out into such a big space!  At first there was much commotion and noise as the lambs frantically called after their mamas, who were so engrossed in the new green foodstuffs that they paid no heed to their babies’ distress.

Eventually everyone fell in with their little family units and felt a little braver, jumping and nibbling and sniffing.


It was hard to get many good pictures with the light so poor; in fact I took about 500 and only wound up with a handful that were usable. It was much, much darker than it appears in the pictures.






Cini is back with the sheep after a good brushing.  He and Oona are thick as thieves; pretty sure they’re plotting something.






I’ll be nervous the next few days while everyone gets acclimated to the pasture, but it’s lovely seeing them among so much green.

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