Spring Farm Update

It’s the busiest time of year here, farming-wise. We still have school full-time, and on top of that seedlings have been started and need tending-to, garden beds are needing turning and deep-mulching, hooves need trimming, coops need freshening, fences need mending.

Plus we got a few ducklings! And 18 chicks will be delivered in April!

Somewhere in between all that I’m trying (and usually failing) to keep the house clean, keep everyone fed, and knit.


We also just celebrated our twentieth wedding anniversary. We woke up to rainbow garlands all over the house, along with little paper pots of gold, and a banner covered with shamrocks (we got married on St. Patrick’s Day).  We have the best kids.  Our friend Kim came for dinner, Maddie made festive cupcakes, and we had a wonderful evening.





We’ve called them Bourbon, Waddles, Dipper, and Flapjack.


I even got my Cormo/Mohair skeins dyed pink.  They came out perfect, I think. There’s some subtle variegation going on that doesn’t really come across in the photos, but it’s going to make a lovely throw blanket.


Little miss Poppet likes it, too. She kept trying to roll in it and steal it.


Last but certainly not least, we got a nice, fresh delivery of hay! It might be expensive, but it makes me feel so happy to see so much put aside for the flock. This should get us through until fall.

Today I’ll be cleaning all day, and tomorrow we’ll be spending outside getting the gardens finished for seeding before we color our eggs. Much to be done!

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