Productive Holiday Weekend

I just love weekends when we can get plenty accomplished – even if it’s not remotely close to our entire list!



First campfire of the year? Check! As you can tell from Oona’s face, marshmallows were most certainly toasted and enjoyed.


Saturday was a whirlwind of gardening, rock moving, cleaning, egg-coloring, and watching The Great British Bake-Off.










I’m rather happy about how the new duck enclosure is coming along. We’ve got their house in the corner of the front garden, with room on the one side waiting for their little pool to be placed in. I started bringing rocks up from the back field to surround the pool and give them a bit of a ramp to get in it. Once they are feathered out and ready to go out there I’ll cover the entire top of the pen with bird netting for some extra protection. Foxes here seem to prefer duck dinner to anything else, and they’re certainly not deterred by the presence of dogs.


As for the duckies themselves, I swear they are 5 times bigger every ten minutes. Their tails are starting to feather, and I hope the rest is soon to follow; I’m going to need that big tub in a few weeks when the chicks get here!


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