Windy Weekend

Truly my existence is all about the germs. And the trips to the doctor. And the yucky medicines. Emily has strep throat. Hopefully, hopefully I won’t get it. Usually I get it if I talk to someone on the phone who has it. All you have to do is say strep, and I’ll get it. But she gets to go back to school tomorrow, which is good because she has to give a report on Susan B. Anthony. I spent Saturday making her costume for it.


It’s a good thing I managed to finish it all Saturday (thanks to Maddie for all the help!) because we were without power Sunday (which also means no water since we have a well). And I am feeling a bit of scratchiness in my throat now which I am trying to will away.

And on a secondary note, congrats to my sis and her buddy for their 2nd place win in the school’s talent show. Awesome job!

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