Houston We Have a Problem

Ummmm…….anyone else ever experience this? There I was, diligently knitting away, getting ready to turn the heal on a sock, when “snap”, the needle broke. Now, I don’t have a particularly tight knitting grip, and this is sock yarn, not “big and chunky” wool. AND, I might add, this is the first time I’ve used this particular set of needles.


Need a better look?


I only ever use Crystal Palace or Lantern Moon wooden needles. This particular broken needle was a different brand, which shall remain nameless, and which I shall never ever buy again.

Unfortunately, and unbelievably, I didn’t have another set of size 2 dpn’s, so I had to make a trip to the LYS and get more. Despite the setback, I still managed to turn the heel this evening. If it weren’t for that wine I had after dinner, I might actually have finished it. Oh well. Have a gratuitous cat shot.


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