Houston We Have a Problem

Ummmm…….anyone else ever experience this? There I was, diligently knitting away, getting ready to turn the heal on a sock, when “snap”, the needle broke. Now, I don’t have a particularly tight knitting grip, and this is sock yarn, not “big and chunky” wool. AND, I might add, this is the first time I’ve used this particular set of needles.


Need a better look?


I only ever use Crystal Palace or Lantern Moon wooden needles. This particular broken needle was a different brand, which shall remain nameless, and which I shall never ever buy again.

Unfortunately, and unbelievably, I didn’t have another set of size 2 dpn’s, so I had to make a trip to the LYS and get more. Despite the setback, I still managed to turn the heel this evening. If it weren’t for that wine I had after dinner, I might actually have finished it. Oh well. Have a gratuitous cat shot.


Signs of Spring

You know what this means?


This means I am woefully behind in all of my garden prep work.  There’s a literal metric ton of weeding to, plus some transplanting and plant feeding……..I better get a move on!  It’s just so weird that this little gem is hanging out with some of its buddies in my front yard while the rest of the country is being overcome by the white stuff.  Ah March.  ‘Twas (and is) blizzard season back home in the ol’ North Country.

But I won’t be out in the garden today.  We’re getting rained on, so I’ll be digging in and trying to finish up a project or two.

And the big news around here?  Oona got a tooth!!!!!!!!!