Happy Vernal Equinox

It seems I’ve been gifted with the Ick on this first day of spring (Thank you, rotten kids).  I’ve got the achiness all over, the sore throat, the congestion, the headache, the cough.  Otherwise you know I’d be out dancing naked under the moon to celebrate the equinox and all.  Y’all know I’m like that.

Ha!  Just wondering if you were paying attention.  And yes, I did just say y’all.  Yankee or not, I find it really enhances your language to throw in a good y’all  every so often.

So I feel like crud and I plan to rest up for the festivities this weekend (egg hunt party Saturday with the ‘rents, sugared up kids Sunday once the Bunny has come).  But I did do one thin today.  One brave, crazy, not-quite-perfect thing.


I cut Neve’s hair.  Couldn’t stand it anymore.  She was cool with it, so I grabbed the scissors, took a deep breath, and chopped it.  It’ll need some touching up to even it out a bit, but I think she looks cute with it like this.  She’s got that wavy kind of hair that works well with a bob.  It also makes it hard to cut it evenly.  Plus, you know, I suck at it.