Update – O – Rama

Well, Easter has now come and gone…… quite early this year, n’est – ce pas?  Last week I took my advice and stocked up on craft supplies and kept the girls busily creating fun little things in the days leading up to the holiday.  We made sheep, we made paper bead necklaces, we made little birdies.  They also made lots of pretty pictures, and painted their eggs in gold-flaked colors.  All in all, It’s been quite a successful enterprise.

The fruits of our labor:


Then Saturday came and I felt like roadkill.  The girls went to an egg hunt (Neve predictably ate pavement as soon as they got there) and I stayed on the couch letting my brain go to mush with a steady supply of Spongebob.

Sunday we ate yummy food with the ‘rents (and drank wine with our good friend Uncle Daddy) and I discovered that the Maddie Emo Socks won’t fit because Maddie’s feet are now bigger than mine.  Sheesh.  Well, good thing I enjoy knitting socks, right?   Maddie came home with us that night (and stayed up watching George Lopez on Nick At Nite with me) and then helped out with my “Day of Hell” Monday.

Actually, it wasn’t that bad.  Could have been worse.  We could have had Neve with us (she stayed home with Paul, who was miraculously in town).  We made the trek out to the dentist (an hour away) and waited through an initial exam and x-rays of Emily’s tooth (2 hours in a tiny uncomfortable room, and we had the baby with us).  We were famished by the time they said they could do a root canal for her at 2 pm.  So we high – tailed it to the nearest drive-thru and gorged ourselves on fatty, greasy nastiness that makes me vomit in my mouth a little thinking about now.  And then we went to Target to kill an hour and a half (and more cash than I had intended to part with that day…).

The root canal went well, though poor Maddie had a few moments in the waiting room with the baby where Oona decided she was over it and cried her little lungs out until Maddie found my cell phone and let her shove it in her mouth.  The day ended with us getting home around 6 pm (after leaving at like 8:30 in the morning) and it was a day where much was accomplished, but I was worn out!

Yesterday we took a 4 mile walk with some good friends and vented lots of stress.  A Walk – N – Bitch if you will.  ANd today we went to the Chidlren’s Museum and had lunch at the park.  I’ve kept the kids pretty busy, I’d say.  And let me tell you – I am exhausted.  I think a lot of it is that I am still getting over the Ick that struck me down so rudely this past weekend, but either way I am going to be laying around the house in my sweats the next few days and trying to knit.  And looking for any and all non mess-free markers to throw away.  Why, you ask?  As if you really need to!


She looked like  Marilyn Manson with the black lips and eyes (and was starting on the arm tattoos when I looked over and caught her.  She managed this while sitting on the couch right next to me).  When she realized she was busted she wouldn’t let us look at her.  Needless to say, taking a picture was quite difficult.  But, we managed.  How else am I going to embarrass her on the world wide web?????