Bunk Beds, Strep and Jasper

Last week I found a set of bunk beds on Craigslist for $150 and mom and I drove out to pick them up.  I needed a set that was twin sized on top and full sized on the bottom so that we could still accommodate guests (and because we already had a good full mattress) which made it slightly more difficult.  I also wanted wood, not metal, and these things retail for about $1500 new for a nice set.  Ouch!  So when I found a set on Craigslist I jumped.  I am a huge fan of recycling good used items this way.  It saves things from being hauled to the landfill and buyer and seller both make out pretty well.

Anyway, I spent all Friday painting them white.  Originally they were more of a honey color, which was still rather nice, but I have a color scheme I am working with here, so they had to be white!  I was so very pleased with the result when all was said and done.  I got exactly what I wanted for Emily and Neve’s room.  Yes!  They are sharing a room now!  Partly because with 3 girls and 2 rooms between them someone was going to have to share, and partly because they bicker so much I figured it was time they learned how to live together and get along.


Excuse the poor quailty picture (still waiting to buy a real camera!).  I still have some reorganizing to do (and cleaning.  ALWAYS cleaning…) before it’s truly their room together.  They fought over the top bunk so we have compromised by making them take turns.  So far, so good.

I also worked on some sewing.  Specifically, new cotton pj’s for the girls.  I did manage to finish Emily’s pair but I ran out of elastic before getting to Neve’s.


The colors aren’t quite right here – the fabric is a rather brilliant turquoise, one of my new favorites from Heather Bailey.  I also like to add a little tag in every item I make for them.  I had a bunch made up that say “Mama t’aime”, just to remind them that their mama loves them.

I had planned on finishing up the cleaning and getting Neve’s pj’s done but Sunday night Oona ran a fever of 105 and nobody got any sleep.  Monday I took her in to the doctor and was sent home with antibiotics, as she has strep throat, which surprised me, as I was expecting either an ear infection or a gastrointestinal virus.  I’d had a dermatology appointment directly before Oona’s appointment and as I was getting off the elevator to approach the office she puked all down the front of me.  But I was assured that strep throat can irritate your gag reflex and make you nauseated, so there we have it.  Who knew?    She’s feeling a bit better today but still insists on being held ’round the clock and isn’t sleeping well.  No creative or cleanliness progress being made here.  It is supposed to be 70 degrees here today though so I plan to open up all the windows and air out the house again. I got my big snowstorm a few weeks ago; I am now officially ready for spring.


And Jasper is officially ready to be cuddled, all the time.  He loves Maddie!

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