While Oona’s Away….

…..I  can actually accomplish something!

Last week Paul’s job took him to NYC.  Since his parents are just a short train – ride away from his jobsite he took Oona with him and she got to play with her grandparents and aunt all week.  And I got soooo much done!

The house got a good scrubbing, the bedrooms and bathrooms got much needed de-cluttering and I made several articles of clothing for the absent little booger.

What amazes me is that I had my washer and dryer going solidly the week straight.  I even stayed up late several nights to get laundy folded and put away.  And yet despite this, there is still a mountain of untouched dirty laundry in the hampers.  I don’t know where it comes from.

I loved that I got to watch whatever I wanted on tv and listen to my ipod whenever I wanted without everyone begging me to put Lady Gaga back on (and, incidentally, Oona kept asking her grandparents to put on some Poker Face for her).  I watched the entire first season of Destination Truth and a full night of Alaska – themed shows on Discovery (Alaska’s Scariest Mysteries, Wild Alaska, Dangerous Alaska…..).  All the while I was sewing and cutting and measuring and sewing some more.

I bought some downloadable pdf patterns on etsy from a seller called Heidi&Finn. If your’e into sewing childrens’ clothes, these are wonderful.

3 ruffled tank tops

and an adorable little yoga suit, that I am thrilled with.  Everything fits Oona perfectly.

I also whipped out a wrap dress for her.

It was a great week of getting enough sleep for once, having a reliably clean house and no diapers to change.  But I did miss my little snuggle – buddy, and I have been enjoying how lovey dovey she has been since she’s been home – even if she did manage to destroy the house 2.3 seconds after she walked in the door.

The goat shed still is not complete – but there is quite a lot of progress to report.  We got half the floor down (and then decided to double the size – hooray!) and there is a framed out wall up – we would have had the whole thing done over the weekend but we needed more lumber and stupid Lowe’s wouldn’t deliver on Sunday.  (Not that I am bitter or anything.  But if my goat gives birth before that thing is done………)

It’s going to be great – better than I thought – when we finish it up this week.  Like I said, we are doubling it’s original size and it is tall enough for us to walk in, and for Jerry the Llama to comfortably move around in.  It will end up more like a mini barn than a small shed. I’ll also be able to secure Jerry in there so I can get his hooves clipped and his fleece sheared and his vaccines administered.

Egg production is almost into full swing again – we are getting about 4 eggs a day out of 11 hens.  Four of our girls have yet to start laying, and I am hoping to double that daily number by the time they do.   We’ve gotten lots of requests for fresh eggs, and I am also hoping to be able to do some barter with them.

My arugula and lettuce are sprouting outside in the garden boxes, as are my sugar snap peas.  Inside I have 2 types of tomatoes started, several herbs and some flowers.  In a couple of short weeks I’ll be able to plant my fingerling potato tubers and scarlet runner beans in the ground.

Here’s hoping for a fruitful summer growing and agriculture season!

2 thoughts on “While Oona’s Away….

  1. Adorable stuff! I checked out her stuff when you sent the message, but her pictures on her Etsy site didn’t do her patterns justice– the ruffled tops are ADORABLE!!!!

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