Our shed (or “Milkshakes’ House” as Oona says) is done.  Finally.  Took all weekend, but we were pushing hard because Milkshakes keep fooling us with signs of being in labor, which she then shakes off and goes about her business as though she wasn’t just looking for all the world as if she were about to kid.

It was hot this weekend, too.  Much more so than we are used to this early in the year.  I hope we don’t  go straight into an oppressively hot summer.

It was “Three Chicken Butt” hot out there.  I wish I could keep them out of Milkshakes and Jerry’s water because they make such a mess of it.

A girl and her goat.

We had loads of “help” all day.

When the build was complete I got the honor of spending an entire day painting it.

And filling it with lots of yummy hay for bedding and eating.

It’s all ready for the baby to arrive, any time now.  I’ve been sleeping in the living room with the window open so I can hear any noises, and I’ve been checking her every few hours.  We put a light in there with a remote control so I don’t have to wander out in the dark.  Someone needs to tell the bees and spiders that this new house is not for them, though.  Last night I went out at about 3 am to check on things and couldn’t get in because there was a giant spider on the door.  Every time I tried to smoosh him he got away.  Finally I just let the darn goat out to check her and muttered some choice four letter words at the ugly 8 legged beast that got away.  During the day it’s the wasps.  They’re terrible.

So cross your fingers everything goes well and that it happens soon!!!! I need a nap!  After painting all day I came in and made empanadas and strawberry shortcake.

My feet hurt so bad I couldn’t sleep.  Ugh!!! (but so worth it!!!)

2 thoughts on “DONE!!!!

  1. OMG! HOW HOW HOW did you do that so fast?!? When I left your house in the afternoon it was just framed.
    Is there anything you can’t do?
    Seriously, Lady, you amaze me.

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