It’s Goat Balls

Clearly I can’t just have one post about balls this week. 

This evening while on the phone with my brother I was walking around petting the goats and stumbled upon…something.  I picked it up and my suspicions were confirmed.  Dessicated goat testicles.  One of my boys has apparently come all the way through the castration process.  And to show just how evil I am, I immediately had the idea to place it in my husband’s hand.

Now, just to show how evil he is (or that we are collectively) he recovered quickly enough from his revulsion to form an idea AND catch it on video. 

Here, my friends, is the meanest video ever made and posted on the internet (okay, maybe not…)  and as awful as you all no doubt will think we are, somewhere out there I just know that my uncle Jamie, at the very least, is laughing out loud right now.

5 thoughts on “It’s Goat Balls

  1. Awesome! We did the EXACT same thing when the lamb lost his little wooly nuts. We told the kids it was a sheep egg and once they all passed it around trying to figure it out we told them what it really was. Of course, for the next week anybody that came through our front door was handed a sheep egg by a giggling kid.

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