Saying Goodbye to Winter

Normally I wouldn’t give up on winter so soon.  After all, where I grew up,  March was blizzard season.  Even here in Virginia we’ve had more than a few surprise March snowstorms; at least of those was nearly record – breaking.  However, given the incredibly mild weather we’ve had since fall I think it’s not foolish to expect winter is done.  Perhaps we’ll have another blow-out – who knows?  But I am not holding my breath.  Not when in the same week we’ve had several inches of snow followed by nearly 80 degree temperatures three days later.

So, over the course of the week we’ll be washing and packing away the heavier winter items and changing out our winter decor for spring.

Yes, I change the art on the walls along with the sheets, the pillows and the blankets to coordinate with the seasons.  It’s easier than a re-doing your furniture every time you get sick of where it all is.

It’s hard to believe I took all of these pictures not eve a full week ago, considering a few days ago we were outside like this:

I gave in and planted some of the cold crops: beans, peas, arugula, Black Seeded Lettuce, and Red Romaine.  I’m afraid if I wait for the normal planting date it will be too warm.

Spring cleaning, here we come.