The Heebie-Jeebies

I have a problem.

I have 50 meat chicks arriving next week (possibly Monday) and I need to clean out the goat shed to use as a brooder.

There’s a ton of hay and pine shavings and goat and chicken poop in there.  Also a dog crate.

These things are not a problem.  I did a lot of work over the winter breaking up the really packed – down and hardened portions of it.  Now it just needs shoveling out and some shop vac work to make it habitable again.

I have today, Friday, and the weekend to get it done.

No problem, right?  I might even white – wash the inside walls.

I waited until the hot portion of the day had passed, went out with my shovel and began to work.


That thing is fully the size of my hand.

Paul took these pictures after I ran screaming out of there.  Then he tried to kill it, whereupon it got away and disappeared.

You understand I can’t go back in there now, right?

No seriously.  I know you think I am being funny or dramatic for blog’s sake, but no.  I really can’t go back in there now.

You see the problem?

50 chickens?

No place to go?

Useless goat shed?

You think Paul will let me burn it down and build another?

I didn’t think so either.